Dual expanding Double Block and Bleed plug Valve
May 28, 2018

Management Seal has developed the  Double Block and Bleed twin increasing Plug Valve (DBBV) resulting from market demand for a non friction Double tight shut-off valve. Diminished area and little to no upkeep necessities have been met. The Management Seal DBBV offers 100% bubble tight sealing each up and down stream.

Dimension: 1” ~ 42” (DN25 ~ DN1050) (as much as limitless based mostly on approvals)

Bore: Diminished or Full (Full is piggable)

Strain: 150# ~ 2500# (PN20 ~ PN420)

Temperature vary: -196°C ~ 250°C

Connections: Extensive selection on request

Supplies: Extensive selection on request

Twin increasing Double Block and Bleed plug Valve


The Management Seal Double Block and Bleed Twin Increasing Plug Valve or DBBV in brief has been developed for alternative of two in-line valves with a drain and or bleed valve. Many various valves ( gate valves i.e.) and valve mixtures have been used for blocking and bleeding, sampling or draining. Conventional options can lead to lack of product, frequent upkeep and even failure.

The Management Seal DBBV has two seated surfaces (slips). When the valve is in closed place every particular person seal is absolutely isolating, not permitting any leakage from downstream, upstream nor from the physique cavity. A thermal aid vents / bleeds the physique cavity when overpressure happens so the downstream pipeline is absolutely remoted from upstream strain with out there being strain balancing mandatory.

In comparison with different kinds of DBB valves, Double Block and Bleed plug Valve has the DIB – Double Isolation and Bleed operate.

The next advantages come up from utilizing single valve answer:

Area + weight requirement discount

Shorter drain instances

One actuator as an alternative of two


DBBV has the next traits:

100% TIGHT SHUT OFF, due to this fact zero leakage.

MECHANICALLY ENERGIZED SEALING with out springs or different weak elements required to acquire sealing.

FRICTION-FREE OPENING AND CLOSING, no contact between slip seals and seating space throughout rotation.

NON LUBRICATED SEALING, media particular tender seal materials.

DUAL EXPANDING, confirmed zero leakage each up and downstream.

THE SELF-LOCKING OPERATING MECHANISM on all Management Seal valves secures the closing member from rotating resulting from in-line forces. Consequently there is no such thing as a hazard of line slam or shock.


Metering skids

Tank farms




Filling strains

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